Hi, my name is Keith Milne, WELCOME to my new WebSite !!




I am a Freelance Artist, currently residing in Oro Station, Ontario - Canada.


I have been published in very many areas of the media - having worked all across Canada, including Vancouver, Toronto and Ottawa creating artwork for:


  • TV Shows 
  • Newspapers
  • Magazines
  • Books


I am also available to do commissions - creating any kind of artwork that you may wish to be done.


I invite you to take a look at some of the Artwork I have created over the years and would appreciate your feedback and interest in what I could create for you.


An honorable mention goes to my colorist - Gord Coulthart, with whom I worked while I was at FunBag.




 Latest News:


  • January 2018 - I am presently working on illustrating a Kids Book, that should come out this fall.
  • May-Jun 2017 - I created a very large poster for Scholastic Kids
  • Apr 2017 - I illustrated the cover of the Kids Word Find Book for Algonquin Park.
  • Dec 2016 - I created two large drawings for Outdoor Canada - where they also had a profile on me as well.
  • 21-Jun-2014  Just added a lot of new drawings in all categories.  Also note that I have recently done artwork for Pearson Publishing.
  • [28-Aug-2013]  Just added a few new drawings in the Children's Art, Hockey Art, Outdoors Art, and Misc Art sections.
  • [01-Feb-2013]  Added new drawings recently published for BC Outdoors and Saltscapes - you can find all my new drawings in the Children's, Hockey, Misc, and Outdoors art tabs.
  • Newly added cover for KNOW magazine (Jan/Feb 2012).
  • I have drawn 13 new illustrations surrounding the War of 1812 that are currently being published in numerous SUN newspapers (see Misc Art tab).
  • Newly added illustrations for Cottage Magazine (BC).  (see Outdoors tab).
  • I illustrated the cover of the latest KNOW magazine - (Nov/Dec 2011).
  • I just finished 4 drawings for YES Magazine - (Nov/Dec 2011), and 3 drawings for Saltscapes Magazine - (Dec 2011).
  • I have published drawings again for British Columbia Magazine and also Kayak - "Canada's History Magazine for Kids" - (Sep 2011). 
  • The Barrie Examiner recently published an article about my work "Milne Makes His Mark With the Walk"  -  (Sept 2011).
  • I collaborated on a short story that was published by Scholastic Publishing.
  • I am also currently working on 3 drawings for a book on the history of the Almaguin area - two of which you will find on my Outdoors Art page.
  • CottageCountryNow.ca published an article about me (2008) - "Cartoons, book illustration, animation just part of Sundridge native's art"






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